Monday, October 8, 2012


Thank you family, friends, fans, and followers for always coming to this blog 
to see what's going on with my photography adventures!  
I appreciate you and your support more than I can tell you...

BUT I'm moving!

Well, the blog is.

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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

It takes all types...

I do many different types of photography, and I love it all! 
Tuesdays this fall are going to be about the different genres I have to offer you!  
 We’ll start with newborn, but next week,
we’re going to peek at babies even younger than a couple of weeks old!

Newborn Sessions

The most precious gift you’ll ever give each other is here…
lovely…perfect…and in your arms…

Whether your first or your fourth,
those gorgeous eyes, soft lips, gentle hands, and tiny feet
are more beautiful than anything you’ve ever seen before.

And your love for this baby is palpable.
It’s in the air…on your face…in your touch…

Let’s capture those moments.
 Because this little person…

is going to grow up faster than you will believe.
Your memories will be with you, but
photos of the remarkable newness of it all
will be everlasting treasures.

So how does a newborn session come together?

Let's book your session before you have the baby.  I always leave room for newborn sessions around due dates, but we don’t actually mark a date on the calendar until after baby is born.  It’s best to do it as close to two weeks as possible because that's when baby will do best with a photo session! 

Rule number one is the babe is the BOSS!
There are a million ways we can do things right, but the only sure fire way to do it wrong is to make that little baby unhappy.  
 I try my best to always be caring and thoughtful with your sweet babe.

The session usually lasts 1-2.5 hours. I make sure to stop a couple of times to let the baby have a full feeding or a snack.  Be prepared to spoil your little one a bit during the session.  Baby may need to come off the normal routine slightly to stay happy and sleepy. Baby generally wears an assortment of diaper covers and adorable hats in one of my many props!  If there is a handmade gift, family heirloom, or special item that you want to include, we’ll use that too!  We keep the place nice and warm, so baby is comfortable and content.   
Newborn photos are so, so special to have.  They are all about baby, you, and your special connection.  These are very detailed photos of the bond that you share with your child, in even just the first few days you can share with each other when you are grey and showing your very own grandbaby how little mommy used to be...

Studio Sessions
I have everything I need on hand here!  Every prop, hat, scarf, blanket, backdrop, and piece of equipment is at our disposal.  We also have indoor and outdoor space and complete privacy without interruption.  It can be very relaxing to be able to just show up with your new love and not have to worry about a thing!

Home Sessions
There’s something special about a picture of your daughter laying on the dining room table that your grandmother handed down to you or your son sleeping in the nursery you so thoughtfully prepared for him.  These are what make home sessions worthwhile.  You have everything you could need on hand!  Daddy’s Army boots, Momma’s pearls, your Christmas decorated tree, and those special items that have meaning to your family.  I'll bring some props and accessories, but I love working with new stuff!  Turn the heat up a little, don't clean up (we'll just tidy up where we need to), and invite me over!

Schedule your newborn session now by emailing me at

Monday, October 1, 2012

Getting down to business...

So I’m starting something new here.
Mondays mean getting down to business, right??
What better way to highlight that fact than to highlight a business I love every Monday?!
We entrepreneurs have to stick together, so let’s do this!

We’ll start with a personal favorite of mine…
New Moon Healing

Kara Karaguz is the founder of New Moon Healing, a business that offers
Yoga, Conscious Birthing education, and Intuitive Doula services.

I love any business woman who genuinely cares about the well-being of others, especially when it has to do with motherhood.  Kara is one of those women.  When you talk to her, you feel at ease, calm, peaceful, and very much in the moment.  She has been through a journey herself and arrived just where she belongs.
She has a passion for what she does, and she is so very talented! 

In her own words,
I feel a strong pull towards supporting mothers (and partners) on their journey into 
parenthood, energy work, holistic living, and Yoga.”

What new parent couldn’t use someone experienced to help lead them towards a calm, rested mindset and a ready and willing body in preparation for the gorgeous chaos of motherhood?  Learn more about this gracious woman and all she can offer you!  You won’t regret it!!

Do you want your business here next Monday?
Email me at to learn how!

Friday, September 28, 2012

Tim & Jaclyn at Belhurst Caste | Rochester, NY Wedding Photography

Jacklyn & Tim

Cake: Club 86

Flowers: Stacy K

Dress: Enzoani Blue

Video by: Kadams Media

Monday, August 13, 2012

A day in the Life of US | Rochester, NY Family Photographer

I have done various versions of this session for years, but never thought to push it all the way until I started wanting one for my own family!!!

I started looking around and realized I don't know if anyone is doing this?!?

I want this so bad...

Just photographs of my family, kids little, mommy and daddy still kinda like eachother, just being ourselves. Not particularly dressed up, not having to behave, not really even having to look at the camera~
Maybe some shots of my house, their cute little rooms, their little artwork..our daily routines that I know may sometimes get old, but I know I will miss someday.

These little moments that fly by.

So when my kids are grown I can remember what we were like all those years.

It is a LOT of hard work raising babies. 
But it is also a lot of fun and so rewarding.

A Day in the Life Sessions with eieio:
2-3 hours at your home: $200 session fee
Choose from great products:
A slideshow? (like one below)
 An amazing custom boutique book, fine art prints, or digital files to use for years to come...

Schedule now!

(before they are off to school years...)

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Boudoir that is all YOU | Rochester, NY boudoir

I am all about a woman feeling beautiful!
I just happen to believe that you look beautiful just the way you are!
Do I think some mascara and lip gloss helps? Um YEA!
Or some way sexy attire? Yup
Or an amazing back drop and some help posing?
yea, that too.

Do I think you should spend the whole session with a fan blowing and staring me down
with an angry look on your face?


If you want to look like someone else in your photos, don't come to me! ha!
If you want to look like you, but gorgeous...let's do it!

Monday, June 11, 2012

I won't give up...| Rochester, NY Photographer

This is a GREAT Idea for a Father's day gift!!! 
And really, I think EVERY mom should do something like this with their kids!! 

Jason Mraz
I Won't Give Up

Contact me to schedule your session:

And as always like me on Facebook to see lots of other sessions!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Dear Daddy... Rochester, NY Photographer

He is the love of your life.  He is their world.
Since he's with you, he obviously has everything already.

June 17th is right around the corner...
so what do you get this wonderful man?!

Photography of course!!!

Here are four awesome options for the proud papa in your life:

Ladies, this year I have a PRIVATE POOL AND WOODS!  Come on...the ideas are endless!
What could he want more than not much at all...gorgeous...and thinking of him....
(and you may actually love it just as much as he does!)

The loves of his life all in one frame!
Not having to be in the family portraits can be a gift in and of itself for some dads.  What is with that anyway??  I know my man loves having pictures of us in his office, on his desk, in his wallet...

Maybe you have the rare breed who doesn't mind standing in front of the camera.
Get yourselves ready and get him here for a session!  Or give him a gift certificate!
When they're too big too be held and too cool for hugs, 
these are the moments you'll all be glad you caught on camera.

Did you already do portraits with me this year?!  
Have a digital file saved in a folder on the computer or on a CD in a drawer somewhere?
Bring it out, and let's make him something memorable!  There are so many choices!!
Hip, traditional, sweet, cool, large, small...I have so very many ideas!!!
An accordion book!  A metal print!  A canvas!  A unique frame!
Let's get one ordered now...there's only a couple of weeks left!

Don't waste another minute thinking about what to get him this year.
Dinners are devoured.  Beer bottles are quickly emptied.
Electronics are new today but old tomorrow.
Clothes, ties, watches, and wallets all get worn out!

But a picture is worth a thousand words and lasts forever.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Homaira and John | Rochester, NY Wedding Photographer, DelMonte

When you are with these two, there is a calm.
When I did their engagement session, it was kind of like a sweet romantic movie.
Their love is new and old all at once. 
I was so lucky to be asked to be a part of their day....

(Click on above link OR email me:

Monday, May 14, 2012

Easy as 1, 2, 3 Months! Rochester, NY Photographer

Three is the magic number.
School House Rock taught us that, but it's true for photography too!!

So you missed your newborn session?!?!?
Oh is a bummer...BUT it isn't the end!!

Let's celebrate three months!
Some mommies (particularly first time mommies) are REALLY overwhelmed when the new baby is born!
They so, so wanted to do newborn portraits but just couldn't get there to do them!
This beautiful, tiny person takes up an overwhelming amount of room in your heart and home, 
and it's a lot to handle at first!  Now you finally are getting some sleep, have a bit of a routine, 
can shower (once a week?), and still want to capture this gorgeous newborn stage...

So, let's do it!!!

The big differences:
1. Baby does not typically fall asleep during the session, but sometimes we get lucky!
2. Baby is not quite predictably smiling, but sometimes we can get some intentional ones!
3. Baby is not quite strong enough to lift up head or sit, so many poses are laying, 
being held by mom and dad, or propped in a basket.
4. These are great sessions to really show your connection with your baby! 
Lots of holding and playing shots!

Or maybe you did do newborn and now realize how much they have already changed! 
(If you did a FULL newborn session, then you qualify for the $250 mini session for the 3/4 month session!
Includes digital files and your session fee!)

Come on into the studio, let's get outside, or let me come into your home!!

See?  Easy as 1, 2, 3!

Friday, May 11, 2012

E is for Exquisite | Rochester, NY Newborn Photographer

This precious little gal is around 4 weeks old. She surprised me! She slept like a perfect little angel....
She let me use lots of my new props! We had so much fun! 

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Unforgettable Moments Rochester, NY Photographers

There are unforgettable moments in time.
Everyday moments that turn remarkable, and milestones that are anticipated.

Neyir and David and their oldest son Maxwell have had both.
I met them on the day their second son Lennox was born,
early, stillborn, and beautiful.
I was struck by how prepared and composed Neyir was. As I have gotten to know her more, I know that is because she is incredibly down to earth, honest and spiritual and supported by an amazing family and friends.

I was privileged to see them again after their third son Lloyd was born,
full term, healthy, and beautiful.

This is their story...

Maxwell was a wonderful child, and Neyir and David knew they wanted to add to their family.  This had proved challenging as three pregnancies with disheartening outcomes followed their son's birth.  At ten weeks into her fifth pregnancy, Neyir's ultrasound was slightly suspect, but it wasn't until five months in that her doctor revealed that there was a serious situation at hand with their yet unborn child.  

The family turned to God, each other, family, and friends for strength over the months that followed.
They stayed unbelievably strong in the face of unspeakable heartache.

Neyir writes, "I am thankful that our wonderful sonographer was the one to tell us that baby’s heart had stopped. I am thankful that my parents were able to get in the car and come to be with us and Maxwell. I am beyond thankful for our amazing church and friends who have already rallied round, visited and organized meals for the next week. As always I am thankful for our OB and midwives for their kindness, honesty and thoughtfulness."

On April 13, 2010, Lennox John was stillborn.

I occasionally volunteer with an organization called Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep to offer my photography services to families in tragic circumstances who choose to keep the memories of their brief time with their sweet children as tangible as possible.  This is what brought me to this family that day.

Neyir writes, "We were also able to take advantage of an amazing photographer named Chelse who took truly beautiful shots of Lennox, David and I.  In total we had nearly 8 hours with Lennox and in all truthfulness I would go through another labor right now for a further 8 hours."

 It was inspiring to meet this family.  To be able to capture David's strength, Neyir's faith, and Lennox's innocense from behind my camera.  To be able to give these parents something to hold onto as they journey through life remembering dear Lennox is an honor.

Of her last moments with her son, Neyir writes, "I take the time to talk to Lennox, I do know that he is already gone, already begun or ended his journey to be with God but because I don’t know when that actually happened I tell him the things I would have said in those moments.  I tell him all about the people I know are waiting for him, I tell him to look for his siblings that they will help him.  I wonder what the transition will be like for him.  I tell him that I think Maxwell would have been a good big brother, if a bit unpredictable.  I wonder what his personality would have been like – Would he have been as rambunctious as Maxwell or worse – Would he have sent my household into even further disarray?  Would he have been the calmer more clear-headed one?  Or would he have been more mischievous?  Tongue in cheek I tell him to ‘keep out of trouble’.  I can’t conceive a son on mine’s personality without temptation.  I tell him how I can’t wait to see him when he is whole.  I wonder as I tell him about his siblings if they will seem older or younger than him.  I tell him how very much I love him and give him a final kiss, I am absolutely amazed by how soft and delicate the skin is on his forehead.  I ask God to give me strength."

And just two years later, due on the very same day as Lennox was born,
the family gets ready for their next child and remains amazingly strong.

Neyir writes, "I fully believe that God can safely deliver this baby to us, I have absolute faith that we will leave the hospital with a wonderfully healthy baby.  Yet I know this as well with all my heart, this is a fallen and broken world we inhabit and that might not happen and every day that I get closer to my due date and beyond those stillbirth statistics inch higher and higher.  But know this: my faith is not shaken, I know I am loved, am adored by an amazing God, I know that I am blessed beyond measure and that He will carry us through to the other side wherever that might be."

On April 16, 2012, Lloyd Hamilton was born.

And so their story continues, with a new little one to love and raise.


A saying I found somewhere...I don't know where it comes from but I use it a lot:
With every child, the world begins again.....

Monday, March 12, 2012

Maternity Portraits -be in the moment | Rochester NY Maternity Photographer


eieio is photography that is all about YOU!

Something special, original, and different...

You won't see the same photo over and over again!

Professional, Fine Art Photography not everyone can have, give yourself the gift!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

March Mini Sessions | Rochester NY Photographer

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