Monday, August 13, 2012

A day in the Life of US | Rochester, NY Family Photographer

I have done various versions of this session for years, but never thought to push it all the way until I started wanting one for my own family!!!

I started looking around and realized I don't know if anyone is doing this?!?

I want this so bad...

Just photographs of my family, kids little, mommy and daddy still kinda like eachother, just being ourselves. Not particularly dressed up, not having to behave, not really even having to look at the camera~
Maybe some shots of my house, their cute little rooms, their little artwork..our daily routines that I know may sometimes get old, but I know I will miss someday.

These little moments that fly by.

So when my kids are grown I can remember what we were like all those years.

It is a LOT of hard work raising babies. 
But it is also a lot of fun and so rewarding.

A Day in the Life Sessions with eieio:
2-3 hours at your home: $200 session fee
Choose from great products:
A slideshow? (like one below)
 An amazing custom boutique book, fine art prints, or digital files to use for years to come...

Schedule now!

(before they are off to school years...)

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