Saturday, May 28, 2011

Brothers and Sisters | Rochester, NY Photographers

Getting better and better!
So life has so changed since I started this photography business!!
I loved blogging then....but then came facebook. 
I am an immediate gratification kind of gal. (and I have horrible grammar, so it was more my speed).
However, I realize that blogging is a great way to keep connecting, so I want to keep trying. 

I decided I will just post some random sessions here. 
I do about 3-15 sessions a week depending on the month. 
They are ALL beautiful people. 
Mostly I choose who to post based on the day I decide to blog! That is it. 
(so if you don't make it on the blog, don't take it personally!!!)

I am loving my studio. I got a great compliment from one of my gal friend photographers...
She said when she walked in it just felt like me and it made her smile (thanks Tressa).
That probably means it is a little cluttered, it doesn't match, and there are items from just about every style realm there is! That is me. :) 
Kind of like my music choices, from Zac Brown Band to Madonna in a blink of an eye.

Anyway, onto the photos...

This little guy came in for his first visit this week. He is about to be a big brother in a couple months. 
I was worried because he is TWO! Two is hard, you never know what will happen. 
But he did great!!--helps that I let kids stand on the furniture...makes it more fun. 
(and he loves superman...)

and this photo below, pretty much captures our spring...

Maybe next week I will post some newborn?

Newsletter coming out in the next couple weeks and a HUGE contest. 
Stay tuned!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Addison, oh me or my | Rochester, NY Newborn Photographer

Not even going to say it, just going to do it!

Little Miss Addison, made me want to quit everything and just photograph newborns. 
I even got to hold her and feed her....aaah. Heaven. 

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