Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 Couples! Contest | Rochester NY Wedding Photographer

Every year is better then the one before! More beautiful couples, weddings, families....

2011 was another great one!

In celebration visit my fan page and vote or comment below with the couple's name who you think should win a 16x20 Fine Art Print!

2012 dates are still available! Contact me and we can meet about your wedding!!
(rock the dress, boudoir and engagement too!)

David and Jesselyn

Merridith and Matt

IMG_9967 copy
Stephanie and Kevin

IMG_9145 copy
Marcia and Ryan

Morgan and John
John and Morgan

IMG_7971 copy
Samantha and Sean

Abigail and Jorge

IMG_6949 copy
Anna and Nathan

IMG_5238 copy
Sarah and Lucas

IMG_5075 copy
Sherie and David

IMG_4273 copy
Lindsay and Dave

IMG_2234 copy
Shonali and Joe

cal&chris_20110910_1019 copy
Cal and Chris

Andrea&Marcus-1820 EDITED copy
Andrea and Marcus

IMG_1953 copy
Anne and David

Ryan and Jenna

Jennifer and Brian

Megan and Dave

Wendy and Mark

Ginny and Andy

Alyssa and Garrett

Jennifer and Scott

Erica and Kyle

IMG_2648 copy
Joanne and Ben

IMG_4222 copy
Jessica and Mike

Monday, November 21, 2011

Moody Monday & All About You | Rochester NY Photographers

What are you most thankful for?
I bet you'll say (as I certainly would!) your family and friends.
My favorite photos are the ones where I get to show why you're thankful for them!

Thane is 2....I love 2!!
They are so incredibly cute AND so incredibly busy and IN CHARGE!
It is a busy session, and the focus is usually the whole family.
Not just the two year old, as they are hard to catch!

The laughter, the hugs, the stolen glances...the LOVE!!!
When you're not posing for the camera...
just being in the moment...GORGEOUS in any color!

Love this family's session? Let's get you one of your own!

This is my new studio!!! Yep, there is an outside right HERE!
Two steps out the door!! These spots are private..all mine.
Lots of choices, so with sessions we do in and OUT (if weather permits).
I can't wait to show you them as the season change. I am so excited!!!

This family comes in to see me once a year now...I love seeing my Thane growing!!
When their beautiful boy was born, they got the ONE year package.
Currently, it includes:
Three sessions
A digital file of a birth announcement
Ten digital files per session
15% off any of your purchases
ALL for $1200!!!

What is the point? It is a savings from a full price
($200 session fee and 30 files available for $400),
BUT really it is to make you remember to go in and get those milestones RECORDED!

This is one of those lessons learned only after you experience it!
As a new mom, you don't realize how quickly you will forget these moments...
those cheeks, that hair, and that silly doll they loved.

So let's not miss a

And don't miss me on Facebook either!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Moody Monday & I Do | Rochester NY Photographers

You've heard it before...location, location, location!!!

You're going to be looking into each other's eyes on the wedding day,
but you'll be looking at everything else in the pictures during your happily ever after.

The perfect spot will stand out in your photos
whether in color OR black and white!

Like this fantastic couple's wedding
at the Rochester Museum & Science Center.

Can't afford your favorite photographer (mainly me!) on your big day?
How about a Rock the Dress session the day after?
Gorgeous location, gorgeous photos!
Email me to talk it over at!

And come see all the gorgeous weddings on Facebook at
EIEIO Photography & Glow Weddings!!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Moody Monday & A BOO for you! | Rochester NY Photographers

Peek-a-boo......I see you!!
Hope everyone has a spooky & safe Halloween!

Come see some more gorgeous goblins & ghouls on Facebook!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Moody Monday & Sweet Sisters Rochester, NY Photographers

Family...there's NOTHING like it!
I know how much people love their color photos...
and, don't get me wrong, I do too!!

But when you take away all the colorful noise of the picture...
the clothing...the background...the weather...
you're often left with pure perfection.

Like what these two sugar plums share.
SO much love!!
Between the girls...and their their family...
all captured in this gorgeous, black and white moment!

And what a fantastic holiday card it makes!

Like what you see? Want to see more?
I have TONS of options for digital Christmas cards and boutique cards!
Traditional, modern, classic, and funky!
Something to fit every family's style!!
Let me hear from you:
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Monday, October 17, 2011

Moody Monday & Baby Boy | Rochester NY Photographers

I love black and white newborns!!!
...and the ones in shades of gray

Bring me your gorgeous babies,
so you can remember the moments when they were little and sleepy
when they're not so little and not so sleepy anymore!!
And come see the babes on Facebook!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Moody Monday & Tis the Season... Rochester, NY Photographers

Give him something naughty
to make him (and you!) feel nice!

Email me at
to schedule your boudoir session now...
so you can put a little something extra in his stocking this year!!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Birth Photography Rochester NY Photographers

Birth Photography
Talk about a once in a lifetime experience!
Every decision in your life brings you to this place, this day, this time...
Add some baby dust, luck, magic, nine months' time...
all those moments come together...
And then there's this gorgeous baby that's all yours forever and always!

I can go on and on about how much I LOVE birth photography,
but you don't need to hear it from me.

Hear it from her.
A mother I was fortunate enough to work with
who can tell you in her own words
why YOU will love birth photography as much as I do.

1. What made you first consider birth photography?
We initially were looking for maternity pictures to be taken to document our last pregnancy. When I found the information on birth photography, I was very excited and nervous. I was not sure what to expect and what exactly birth photography was.

2. Did you have any hesitation about including a photographer at such an intimate moment in your life?
I NEVER had any hesitation about you being there. It is such an intimate moment in our lives, and for it to be captured from your perspective is amazing!

3. What finally made you decide this was a good idea for you to partake in?
I really wanted to have pictures to document the entire process. I wanted so badly to have photos so that I could look back and relive every single detail possible! When I saw your first birth photography, slideshow, I was in tears and knew that I made the right decision! I could not wait for you to be there for our big day!

4. What was the best part of the birth photography experience?
During the labor/birthing process, there is so much going on. It's so difficult to focus on everything happening around you. During it all, I so desperately wanted to know if we were having a boy or girl that everything else faded into the background. With the birth photography, I was able to see the special moments that you captured...the photos have such emotion and take me back into the moment! I am so very grateful to you, Chelse, for all these photos that our family will cherish for a lifetime!!

5. How did your spouse, family, and friends respond to the photos?
My family and friends were truly AMAZED by the birth photos! When the slideshow was viewed, there was not a dry eye in the house. It was such a beautiful experience, and the way it was captured was truly amazing! The family that could not be present at the hospital still felt as if they were there during the entire birthing process just by looking at the photos.

6. What will you tell your child, when she is old enough to understand, about these photos?
When she gets older, I cannot wait to show her the photos of her first appearance entering the world! It is powerful to see her first breath, her tiny, little features, and the miracle of life that goes with it. I wish I had documented all my girls this way!

7. Which is your favorite photo from your session and why?
This is a tough question! I LOVE all of them so much. If I had to choose just one, it would be the one of us with Karleigh just minutes after birth. It captures that magical family moment of new life and the love that we have for her and each other.

Want more information about birth photography?
Email me at!
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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Moody Monday AND Tips Tuesday?!? | Rochester NY Photographers

I did it...I missed yesterday...ALREADY!?!?

But I closed on my house!! can return to normal. SIGH

So, let's do both: Black and White AND Tips...

First Black and White:

This week: Maternity, because it is one of my favorite subjects...what is more fleeting? Magical?
I know you don't always feel beautiful, but you ARE!
And you MAY never experience this again in your WHOLE life.

Let's talk digital files....

They are all the rage. Us professionals are not sure what to make of it.
We always want our clients to have what they want, and we of course live off of our income so we need to supply what is in demand...BUT, are they the best for you?
I can't tell you HOW very many, many clients ONLY buy the disk.
Then, they come in the next year and do another session,
I ask, "What did you do with your photos?"
They reply,"Oh gosh, nothing yet. They are still on the disk."
Me: "Did you post them on Facebook or make a gallery to share with your family far away or something?"
Client: "No, I just got busy. Haven't done much with them yet."



Other scenario...
ME: "What did you do with your files?"
Client: "I printed them out at Walmart."
ME: (vomit)

Good god, the quality...I have shared links before with comparisons on the quality of printing, I have shared stories about what I have witnessed as the 18 year old behind the counter at various "pharmacy" printers responds to their customers who say, "My photos are pink, is that right?"

But it doesn't matter.
People still end up their with their disks. I don't blame you! You may not know the difference!!

So, what do I suggest?!?

Purchase professional prints of the photos you love and cherish.
If you want the digital files for your archives
(in case something happens to your portraits or you decide you want them for graduation, weddings, holiday cards),
I still want you to have them, maybe not all of your favorites if it is not in the budget,
but your most favorite.

Get something special.
Large prints!
A beautiful album!
Something you can show people when they come over without having to sit in front of a computer or search for a disk.
Something every time you walk by, makes you smile.
Something you can pass down to generations.

I will now offer Facebook files (5) for purchases of $800 or more.
So don't worry about those!

I will also NOW offer consultations after sessions to help you decide what prints you would like to you plan and decide...instead of storing that disk away.

Do you want this on a disk?? Or in your living room....

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tips on Tuesdays | Rochester NY Wedding Photographer

Like all kinds of tips...
Today: How to choose a wedding photographer?
Why? Because holy wow is the field over saturated!!!!

I am okay with it (most days), but if I had a to hire one...I would be so totally overwhelmed...

1. Decide on what is most important to you: Quality or Price
2. Ask your recently married friends who they chose, what they thought, ask to see the photos. Referrals are an EXCELLENT way to find a great vendor.
3. Check out those vendors' websites/portfolios
Things to look for:
-Professional quality website
-More than one photo from a large variety of weddings
-Ability to view nearly a full wedding (you may have to ask for a portfolio to do this)...
Because most any "photographer" or person who owns even a low quality camera can come up with 2-3 fabulous shots out of a whole wedding day! (I think my 6 year old could), but a good photographer comes up with a day full of them...
-Professional level pricing...again
If someone is charging $300-$1000 for wedding photographer you can expect:
-low level equipment
-inexperience on many different levels (dealing with family members, camera knowledge, timing knowledge, dealing with other vendors, product availability, editing)
(and I speak from experience! when I first began, I charged $400-$1000, my clients knew I was beginning and the work I showed them was my own and at my level. They received just what I promised, but I did not have insurance, I had an entry level camera and limited lenses, my editing abilities were limited, I left off shots that maybe would have been wanted...Those are all things that come with experience)
4. Meet with your top 2-3 photographers. When you do, think about:
-Do I like this person's personality enough to spend 8-10 hours with them on MY DAY?
- Do I feel confident they are honest and am I confident in their abilities?
- Do I LOVE their work, style?
Wedding books will have you ask questions you don't even know what the answers should be!!
Don't waste your time with those...ask the ones that matter and mean something to you!
-How do you deal with families during portrait time?
-What if I want specific shots?
-What editing is included?
-Do you do this full time? Or as a hobby? (you should not be paying a hobbyist professional prices!)

5. Choose the photographer that in the end you feel comfortable with personally, has the best work to show you, and fits into your budget...

A side note on budget:

I didn't have a budget when I got married. We had to have two weddings. I just didn't think I could afford a photographer. I wanted a GREAT one, but the ones I met with were just too much.
I chose a friend (who now is uber successful..and I love her!) but at the time, was recently graduated from college. She was nearly free. $350.
I was very let down...I won't go into detail, because she may actually read this blog!!
But I cried.
In hindsight, I would have paid three times that to have the photos from that day...but I can't. No going back.

How to make your budget count:
If possible don't let budget make your decision.
If there is just no way around it:
-Ask your favorite photographer if they have associate pricing! The best way to get their style and professionalism in your price range.
OR just have your favorite photographer come for what you can afford.

What not to do:
-ask a friend with a camera to take photos...sometimes you can get lucky...but you don't want to rely on luck on a day you can NOT repeat. Ask around...I can't tell you how many of my family clients come in and say..I WISH I DIDN'T DO THAT. It is a lesson only learned by experience, but one you don't want to learn.
I personally am available for 4 more weddings for the 2012 season.
Contact me ASAP if you want one of those spots:

As always, find me on Facebook!!!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Monday is now: Moody Black and White day!! | Rochester, NY Photographer

A day to share a recent favorite black and white!

I use a couple different black and white techniques, I can never decide which I like better:

1. Black and White PJ:

2. Black and White Antique:

3. Black and White Traditional:

Monday, August 15, 2011

Lindsey and Dave | Locust Hill | Rochester Wedding Photographer

Lindsey and Dave wanted the best of the best.
(what at total compliment)...
Flowers: StacyK
Cake and Cupcakes: Dolce
Reception and Ceremony: Locust Hill
Menus and such: Bella Carte

I LOVED her color scheme. We had a VERY sunny day, but we all stayed hydrated (some more than others) and worked it out!

Most importantly everyone had an AMAZING time.


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Liam | Birth Photography | Rochester, NY

Liam is my nephew. 
He is perfect!!

He was born via Cesarean birth. 
I didn't want to take up a place in the operating room so I skipped that part. 
BUT we got nearly everything else!

Welcome Liam!!
 I love this song...I think it is just perfect for birth stories! 

(ps, I never edit birth photography, I just put it in black and white. I like the way it looks in all its glory and imperfections...) :)

If you want to capture maybe possibly one of the most miraculous days of your life...just let me know. 

Monday, July 18, 2011

Anne & Dave's Daisy Flower Mill Wedding | Rochester Wedding Photographers

Anne & Dave
Flowers: Genrich's

Anne and Dave's wedding was so much fun and the two of them were so easy to photograph!
 Most of the ease of photographing them came from their obvious deep care and love for one another. I love when the groom is so in the moment that there are tears of joy.
You could feel how connected the two of them were.

Anne and Dave were completely wrapped up in each other and their brand new life together.
The love they share is so evident. I hope I could capture it in their photos and I hope you enjoy viewing them as much as I enjoyed taking them!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Abigail and Tony | Artisan Works Wedding, Rochester Wedding Photographers

Abigail & Tony

Abigail and Tony were very laid back and easy to work with! 
They were smart to choose a venue that needed NO decorating. 
(Artisan Works)
It is amazingly interesting and packed with very cool backgrounds for bridal portraits. 

ENJOY their photos. I had a blast doing them. They were a REALLY fun bunch!

They had a photobooth during cocktail hour and after dinner. So much fun!
I bring a 2nd (sometimes 3rd) photographer and a whole boat load of fun props and your guests go crazy!!

 We did a first look in the gallery hallway. 

At first I was totally against first looks. 
(When the bride and groom meet before the ceremony and see each other. Against tradition.)
BUT, in the end there are SOOO many reasons I advise them, to name a couple;
1. It is yet ANOTHER beautiful moment on your special day. Many couples shed tears, it is a private moment (which there are not many of on your busy wedding day). 
2. It creates so much more freedom for location, amount of time you can spend, and just scheduling of portraits. 
3. You WILL still be just as excited and emotional walking down that isle. The music, the family, the is still just as BIG!

I loved that Abigail and her bridesmaids carried candles. Very unique (didn't surprise me).

As always check out my fan pages on facebook for CONSTANT photos. :)
and email to find out about your photo session, senior portraits, boudoir or wedding...(

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