Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Moody Monday AND Tips Tuesday?!? | Rochester NY Photographers

I did it...I missed yesterday...ALREADY!?!?

But I closed on my house!!
Hooray...life can return to normal. SIGH

So, let's do both: Black and White AND Tips...

First Black and White:

This week: Maternity, because it is one of my favorite subjects...what is more fleeting? Magical?
I know you don't always feel beautiful, but you ARE!
And you MAY never experience this again in your WHOLE life.

Let's talk digital files....

They are all the rage. Us professionals are not sure what to make of it.
We always want our clients to have what they want, and we of course live off of our income so we need to supply what is in demand...BUT, are they the best for you?
I can't tell you HOW very many, many clients ONLY buy the disk.
Then, they come in the next year and do another session,
I ask, "What did you do with your photos?"
They reply,"Oh gosh, nothing yet. They are still on the disk."
Me: "Did you post them on Facebook or make a gallery to share with your family far away or something?"
Client: "No, I just got busy. Haven't done much with them yet."



Other scenario...
ME: "What did you do with your files?"
Client: "I printed them out at Walmart."
ME: (vomit)

Good god, the quality...I have shared links before with comparisons on the quality of printing, I have shared stories about what I have witnessed as the 18 year old behind the counter at various "pharmacy" printers responds to their customers who say, "My photos are pink, is that right?"

But it doesn't matter.
People still end up their with their disks. I don't blame you! You may not know the difference!!

So, what do I suggest?!?

Purchase professional prints of the photos you love and cherish.
If you want the digital files for your archives
(in case something happens to your portraits or you decide you want them for graduation, weddings, holiday cards),
I still want you to have them, maybe not all of your favorites if it is not in the budget,
but your most favorite.

Get something special.
Large prints!
A beautiful album!
Something you can show people when they come over without having to sit in front of a computer or search for a disk.
Something every time you walk by, makes you smile.
Something you can pass down to generations.

I will now offer Facebook files (5) for purchases of $800 or more.
So don't worry about those!

I will also NOW offer consultations after sessions to help you decide what prints you would like to order...help you plan and decide...instead of storing that disk away.

Do you want this on a disk?? Or in your living room....

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