Monday, November 21, 2011

Moody Monday & All About You | Rochester NY Photographers

What are you most thankful for?
I bet you'll say (as I certainly would!) your family and friends.
My favorite photos are the ones where I get to show why you're thankful for them!

Thane is 2....I love 2!!
They are so incredibly cute AND so incredibly busy and IN CHARGE!
It is a busy session, and the focus is usually the whole family.
Not just the two year old, as they are hard to catch!

The laughter, the hugs, the stolen glances...the LOVE!!!
When you're not posing for the camera...
just being in the moment...GORGEOUS in any color!

Love this family's session? Let's get you one of your own!

This is my new studio!!! Yep, there is an outside right HERE!
Two steps out the door!! These spots are private..all mine.
Lots of choices, so with sessions we do in and OUT (if weather permits).
I can't wait to show you them as the season change. I am so excited!!!

This family comes in to see me once a year now...I love seeing my Thane growing!!
When their beautiful boy was born, they got the ONE year package.
Currently, it includes:
Three sessions
A digital file of a birth announcement
Ten digital files per session
15% off any of your purchases
ALL for $1200!!!

What is the point? It is a savings from a full price
($200 session fee and 30 files available for $400),
BUT really it is to make you remember to go in and get those milestones RECORDED!

This is one of those lessons learned only after you experience it!
As a new mom, you don't realize how quickly you will forget these moments...
those cheeks, that hair, and that silly doll they loved.

So let's not miss a

And don't miss me on Facebook either!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Moody Monday & I Do | Rochester NY Photographers

You've heard it before...location, location, location!!!

You're going to be looking into each other's eyes on the wedding day,
but you'll be looking at everything else in the pictures during your happily ever after.

The perfect spot will stand out in your photos
whether in color OR black and white!

Like this fantastic couple's wedding
at the Rochester Museum & Science Center.

Can't afford your favorite photographer (mainly me!) on your big day?
How about a Rock the Dress session the day after?
Gorgeous location, gorgeous photos!
Email me to talk it over at!

And come see all the gorgeous weddings on Facebook at
EIEIO Photography & Glow Weddings!!

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