Monday, June 11, 2012

I won't give up...| Rochester, NY Photographer

This is a GREAT Idea for a Father's day gift!!! 
And really, I think EVERY mom should do something like this with their kids!! 

Jason Mraz
I Won't Give Up

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Friday, June 1, 2012

Dear Daddy... Rochester, NY Photographer

He is the love of your life.  He is their world.
Since he's with you, he obviously has everything already.

June 17th is right around the corner...
so what do you get this wonderful man?!

Photography of course!!!

Here are four awesome options for the proud papa in your life:

Ladies, this year I have a PRIVATE POOL AND WOODS!  Come on...the ideas are endless!
What could he want more than not much at all...gorgeous...and thinking of him....
(and you may actually love it just as much as he does!)

The loves of his life all in one frame!
Not having to be in the family portraits can be a gift in and of itself for some dads.  What is with that anyway??  I know my man loves having pictures of us in his office, on his desk, in his wallet...

Maybe you have the rare breed who doesn't mind standing in front of the camera.
Get yourselves ready and get him here for a session!  Or give him a gift certificate!
When they're too big too be held and too cool for hugs, 
these are the moments you'll all be glad you caught on camera.

Did you already do portraits with me this year?!  
Have a digital file saved in a folder on the computer or on a CD in a drawer somewhere?
Bring it out, and let's make him something memorable!  There are so many choices!!
Hip, traditional, sweet, cool, large, small...I have so very many ideas!!!
An accordion book!  A metal print!  A canvas!  A unique frame!
Let's get one ordered now...there's only a couple of weeks left!

Don't waste another minute thinking about what to get him this year.
Dinners are devoured.  Beer bottles are quickly emptied.
Electronics are new today but old tomorrow.
Clothes, ties, watches, and wallets all get worn out!

But a picture is worth a thousand words and lasts forever.

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