Friday, May 25, 2012

Homaira and John | Rochester, NY Wedding Photographer, DelMonte

When you are with these two, there is a calm.
When I did their engagement session, it was kind of like a sweet romantic movie.
Their love is new and old all at once. 
I was so lucky to be asked to be a part of their day....

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Monday, May 14, 2012

Easy as 1, 2, 3 Months! Rochester, NY Photographer

Three is the magic number.
School House Rock taught us that, but it's true for photography too!!

So you missed your newborn session?!?!?
Oh is a bummer...BUT it isn't the end!!

Let's celebrate three months!
Some mommies (particularly first time mommies) are REALLY overwhelmed when the new baby is born!
They so, so wanted to do newborn portraits but just couldn't get there to do them!
This beautiful, tiny person takes up an overwhelming amount of room in your heart and home, 
and it's a lot to handle at first!  Now you finally are getting some sleep, have a bit of a routine, 
can shower (once a week?), and still want to capture this gorgeous newborn stage...

So, let's do it!!!

The big differences:
1. Baby does not typically fall asleep during the session, but sometimes we get lucky!
2. Baby is not quite predictably smiling, but sometimes we can get some intentional ones!
3. Baby is not quite strong enough to lift up head or sit, so many poses are laying, 
being held by mom and dad, or propped in a basket.
4. These are great sessions to really show your connection with your baby! 
Lots of holding and playing shots!

Or maybe you did do newborn and now realize how much they have already changed! 
(If you did a FULL newborn session, then you qualify for the $250 mini session for the 3/4 month session!
Includes digital files and your session fee!)

Come on into the studio, let's get outside, or let me come into your home!!

See?  Easy as 1, 2, 3!

Friday, May 11, 2012

E is for Exquisite | Rochester, NY Newborn Photographer

This precious little gal is around 4 weeks old. She surprised me! She slept like a perfect little angel....
She let me use lots of my new props! We had so much fun! 

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Unforgettable Moments Rochester, NY Photographers

There are unforgettable moments in time.
Everyday moments that turn remarkable, and milestones that are anticipated.

Neyir and David and their oldest son Maxwell have had both.
I met them on the day their second son Lennox was born,
early, stillborn, and beautiful.
I was struck by how prepared and composed Neyir was. As I have gotten to know her more, I know that is because she is incredibly down to earth, honest and spiritual and supported by an amazing family and friends.

I was privileged to see them again after their third son Lloyd was born,
full term, healthy, and beautiful.

This is their story...

Maxwell was a wonderful child, and Neyir and David knew they wanted to add to their family.  This had proved challenging as three pregnancies with disheartening outcomes followed their son's birth.  At ten weeks into her fifth pregnancy, Neyir's ultrasound was slightly suspect, but it wasn't until five months in that her doctor revealed that there was a serious situation at hand with their yet unborn child.  

The family turned to God, each other, family, and friends for strength over the months that followed.
They stayed unbelievably strong in the face of unspeakable heartache.

Neyir writes, "I am thankful that our wonderful sonographer was the one to tell us that baby’s heart had stopped. I am thankful that my parents were able to get in the car and come to be with us and Maxwell. I am beyond thankful for our amazing church and friends who have already rallied round, visited and organized meals for the next week. As always I am thankful for our OB and midwives for their kindness, honesty and thoughtfulness."

On April 13, 2010, Lennox John was stillborn.

I occasionally volunteer with an organization called Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep to offer my photography services to families in tragic circumstances who choose to keep the memories of their brief time with their sweet children as tangible as possible.  This is what brought me to this family that day.

Neyir writes, "We were also able to take advantage of an amazing photographer named Chelse who took truly beautiful shots of Lennox, David and I.  In total we had nearly 8 hours with Lennox and in all truthfulness I would go through another labor right now for a further 8 hours."

 It was inspiring to meet this family.  To be able to capture David's strength, Neyir's faith, and Lennox's innocense from behind my camera.  To be able to give these parents something to hold onto as they journey through life remembering dear Lennox is an honor.

Of her last moments with her son, Neyir writes, "I take the time to talk to Lennox, I do know that he is already gone, already begun or ended his journey to be with God but because I don’t know when that actually happened I tell him the things I would have said in those moments.  I tell him all about the people I know are waiting for him, I tell him to look for his siblings that they will help him.  I wonder what the transition will be like for him.  I tell him that I think Maxwell would have been a good big brother, if a bit unpredictable.  I wonder what his personality would have been like – Would he have been as rambunctious as Maxwell or worse – Would he have sent my household into even further disarray?  Would he have been the calmer more clear-headed one?  Or would he have been more mischievous?  Tongue in cheek I tell him to ‘keep out of trouble’.  I can’t conceive a son on mine’s personality without temptation.  I tell him how I can’t wait to see him when he is whole.  I wonder as I tell him about his siblings if they will seem older or younger than him.  I tell him how very much I love him and give him a final kiss, I am absolutely amazed by how soft and delicate the skin is on his forehead.  I ask God to give me strength."

And just two years later, due on the very same day as Lennox was born,
the family gets ready for their next child and remains amazingly strong.

Neyir writes, "I fully believe that God can safely deliver this baby to us, I have absolute faith that we will leave the hospital with a wonderfully healthy baby.  Yet I know this as well with all my heart, this is a fallen and broken world we inhabit and that might not happen and every day that I get closer to my due date and beyond those stillbirth statistics inch higher and higher.  But know this: my faith is not shaken, I know I am loved, am adored by an amazing God, I know that I am blessed beyond measure and that He will carry us through to the other side wherever that might be."

On April 16, 2012, Lloyd Hamilton was born.

And so their story continues, with a new little one to love and raise.


A saying I found somewhere...I don't know where it comes from but I use it a lot:
With every child, the world begins again.....

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