Monday, May 14, 2012

Easy as 1, 2, 3 Months! Rochester, NY Photographer

Three is the magic number.
School House Rock taught us that, but it's true for photography too!!

So you missed your newborn session?!?!?
Oh is a bummer...BUT it isn't the end!!

Let's celebrate three months!
Some mommies (particularly first time mommies) are REALLY overwhelmed when the new baby is born!
They so, so wanted to do newborn portraits but just couldn't get there to do them!
This beautiful, tiny person takes up an overwhelming amount of room in your heart and home, 
and it's a lot to handle at first!  Now you finally are getting some sleep, have a bit of a routine, 
can shower (once a week?), and still want to capture this gorgeous newborn stage...

So, let's do it!!!

The big differences:
1. Baby does not typically fall asleep during the session, but sometimes we get lucky!
2. Baby is not quite predictably smiling, but sometimes we can get some intentional ones!
3. Baby is not quite strong enough to lift up head or sit, so many poses are laying, 
being held by mom and dad, or propped in a basket.
4. These are great sessions to really show your connection with your baby! 
Lots of holding and playing shots!

Or maybe you did do newborn and now realize how much they have already changed! 
(If you did a FULL newborn session, then you qualify for the $250 mini session for the 3/4 month session!
Includes digital files and your session fee!)

Come on into the studio, let's get outside, or let me come into your home!!

See?  Easy as 1, 2, 3!

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