Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Abigail and Tony | Artisan Works Wedding, Rochester Wedding Photographers

Abigail & Tony

Abigail and Tony were very laid back and easy to work with! 
They were smart to choose a venue that needed NO decorating. 
(Artisan Works)
It is amazingly interesting and packed with very cool backgrounds for bridal portraits. 

ENJOY their photos. I had a blast doing them. They were a REALLY fun bunch!

They had a photobooth during cocktail hour and after dinner. So much fun!
I bring a 2nd (sometimes 3rd) photographer and a whole boat load of fun props and your guests go crazy!!

 We did a first look in the gallery hallway. 

At first I was totally against first looks. 
(When the bride and groom meet before the ceremony and see each other. Against tradition.)
BUT, in the end there are SOOO many reasons I advise them, to name a couple;
1. It is yet ANOTHER beautiful moment on your special day. Many couples shed tears, it is a private moment (which there are not many of on your busy wedding day). 
2. It creates so much more freedom for location, amount of time you can spend, and just scheduling of portraits. 
3. You WILL still be just as excited and emotional walking down that isle. The music, the family, the is still just as BIG!

I loved that Abigail and her bridesmaids carried candles. Very unique (didn't surprise me).

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