Tuesday, October 2, 2012

It takes all types...

I do many different types of photography, and I love it all! 
Tuesdays this fall are going to be about the different genres I have to offer you!  
 We’ll start with newborn, but next week,
we’re going to peek at babies even younger than a couple of weeks old!

Newborn Sessions

The most precious gift you’ll ever give each other is here…
lovely…perfect…and in your arms…

Whether your first or your fourth,
those gorgeous eyes, soft lips, gentle hands, and tiny feet
are more beautiful than anything you’ve ever seen before.

And your love for this baby is palpable.
It’s in the air…on your face…in your touch…

Let’s capture those moments.
 Because this little person…

is going to grow up faster than you will believe.
Your memories will be with you, but
photos of the remarkable newness of it all
will be everlasting treasures.

So how does a newborn session come together?

Let's book your session before you have the baby.  I always leave room for newborn sessions around due dates, but we don’t actually mark a date on the calendar until after baby is born.  It’s best to do it as close to two weeks as possible because that's when baby will do best with a photo session! 

Rule number one is the babe is the BOSS!
There are a million ways we can do things right, but the only sure fire way to do it wrong is to make that little baby unhappy.  
 I try my best to always be caring and thoughtful with your sweet babe.

The session usually lasts 1-2.5 hours. I make sure to stop a couple of times to let the baby have a full feeding or a snack.  Be prepared to spoil your little one a bit during the session.  Baby may need to come off the normal routine slightly to stay happy and sleepy. Baby generally wears an assortment of diaper covers and adorable hats in one of my many props!  If there is a handmade gift, family heirloom, or special item that you want to include, we’ll use that too!  We keep the place nice and warm, so baby is comfortable and content.   
Newborn photos are so, so special to have.  They are all about baby, you, and your special connection.  These are very detailed photos of the bond that you share with your child, in even just the first few days together...photos you can share with each other when you are grey and showing your very own grandbaby how little mommy used to be...

Studio Sessions
I have everything I need on hand here!  Every prop, hat, scarf, blanket, backdrop, and piece of equipment is at our disposal.  We also have indoor and outdoor space and complete privacy without interruption.  It can be very relaxing to be able to just show up with your new love and not have to worry about a thing!

Home Sessions
There’s something special about a picture of your daughter laying on the dining room table that your grandmother handed down to you or your son sleeping in the nursery you so thoughtfully prepared for him.  These are what make home sessions worthwhile.  You have everything you could need on hand!  Daddy’s Army boots, Momma’s pearls, your Christmas decorated tree, and those special items that have meaning to your family.  I'll bring some props and accessories, but I love working with new stuff!  Turn the heat up a little, don't clean up (we'll just tidy up where we need to), and invite me over!

Schedule your newborn session now by emailing me at eieiophotography@gmail.com.
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