Friday, February 4, 2011

Jen & Colin | Sweet Briar Geneseo, NY Wedding Photography

Believe it or not I still have not blogged all of my 2010 weddings!! 
Trying out a new slideshow company. Let's see how this weeks.
PS, I am not going to be posting on my other blogs anymore!! So come here to see it all!
Weddings, portraits, tips for photographers, items for sale...everything I think and all on a whim?
(and of course my ridiculous grammer and horrendous spelling, but okay photos?)

Jen and Colin are from California.
They are gorgeous together and each on their own.
Their wedding was so very laid back, I would totally be trying to be friends with them if they lived here.

 I rarely show even close to a whole wedding. This is the closest to a full wedding I have shown! 

If you made it to the end...still working on that part! :)
(Also still working on a video slideshow with actual good quality!!)

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